The aim of the project is to:

1. Facilitate mentoring and coaching techniques by development of the business mentor trainings set for relevant horizontal and vertical issues. University Partners of the MentorCert project (Budapest Business School - BBS, Leeds Beckett University - LBU, Catholic University of Portugal - UCP and Warsaw University of Technology - WUT) deal with the following trainings preparation (syllabuses and training materials) with working groups responsibilities:

2. Prepare a solid basis for recognition of mentor qualifications: vocabulary, fundamentals and requirements for the mentor and certification bodies using the experience of ADINVEST and the guidance of EFCoCert.



Project partners


PT - Portuguese Catholic University - Regional Centre of Porto (UCP-CRP) is a well-established University focused both on Teaching and Research.


UK - Leeds Business School at Leeds Beckett University has over 5,000 students studying a range of academic and applied higher education programmes.


CH - EFCoCert is a Swiss Foundation dedicated to develop and exploit of ISO 17024 compliant competence certification schemes for non-regulated professions in Europe.


FR - ADINVEST International is one of the core partners of the TRUST-Me project participating in SMEs mentoring for business development based on a network of Business Mentors.


HU - Budapest Business School - University of Applied Sciences is the coordinator of the MentorCert project.


PL - Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) Faculty of Civil Engineering is the largest technical university in Poland.