The EU Trainer certification scheme has been developed in application of the EFCoCert standardization guidelines, which are compliant with the ISO Directives.

Such a process requires to assemble an experts committee, with representatives of all interested parties – i.e. in the specific case of the EU Trainer certification: trainers, trainees, training organisations, companies hiring training services, certification bodies, etc.

The role of the experts committee within the standardization process is to 

  • comment on the scheme submitted by the editorial committee,
  • reach consensus on the answers to the comments, and consecutive changes to the scheme, 
  • monitor the scheme accuracy, and update as necessary.

EFCoCert is committed to maintain the experts committee to ensure these key functions over the time. 

Interested stakeholders can apply at any time to join the experts committee.

The table below displays the actual state of the experts committee:

Interested parties
Name & first name
Research institute Baudet Alexandre LU Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Trainer Lourenço Alice PT Self employed
Trainer Gonzalez Ana PT Self employed
Trainer Jóia Ana PT Self employed
Trainer Massavanaane Ana Maria PT CML - Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Trainer Varelas Ana PT Self employed
Trainer Gonçalves Anabela PT Certified training centre RTP SA
Trainer Leão André PT Self employed
Trainer, consultant, coach Freitas Matos André PT
Professional association Bisovsky Gerhard AT Association of Austrian Adult Education Centers
Private company Prego de Oliver Cristina SP
Training organisations manager Kraemer David DE GF Schmitt und Partners
Private company - trainer Blanc Didier CH ViaSyst
Training organisations - trainer Hynd Fiona LU English World Institute
Training organisations manager Le Lann Florence IE ViaSyst
Training Company/organisation Mannchen Florian DE Haus der kleinen Forscher (Trainer + Department manager of Vocational Training)
Trainer Costa Francisco PT Self employed
Training organisations - trainer Marneffe Françoise BE Evoluo
Trainer Marks Frank DE Department manager at a Berlin Adult Education Center & self employed as a Trainer
Private company Hiéronimus Frédéric LU BGL BNP Paribas
Certification body Descheemaeker Greta BE Aspect'O
Research institute Mayer Hélène LU Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Non-profit organisation Gronewold Insa DE Helliwood
Certification body Maier Iris DE Tuev Sued
Trainer Weindl Isabella AT Self employed:
Non-profit organisation Schneider Jutta DE Helliwood
Training provider Reisinger Karin AT CVET academy,
Trainer Silva Laura PT Self employed
Training coordinator Sofia Ferreira Maria PT Frouco & Associados
Trainer/consultant Tesar Michael AT Self employed,
Trainer Pires Nuno PT Self employed
Training provider Marques Pedro PT Frouco & Associados
Trainer Silva Marques Pedro PT Self employed
Trainer Ferreira Rita PT Self employed
Training organisations Duthy Robert BE Evoluo
Trainer Gomes Rui PT Self employed
Research institute Schwenk Sabien AT 3S Research Laboratory
Training organisation Grunewald Sandra LU LIST - Knowledge transfer
Private company Beaujean Sandrine LU Artemis information management
Certification body Maurice Sébastien FR Cesi Certification
Trainer Schwander Séverine LU  
Training organisation Rosa Sonia PT PRISMA
Research institute Jacquemart Stéphane LU Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Certification body Perrottet Stéphane CH EdelCert Inspectorat
Researcher VET, CVET Bacher Tanja AT 3S Research Laboratory
Certification body Totsikas Thanos GR IVEPE
Trainer Moreau Thierry BE Self employed
Training organisation Maurer Valérie LU REVAL Consulting SA
Training coordinator Fonseca Vanda PT Associação Industrial do Distrito do Aveiro
Private company Kremer Virginie LU Artemis information management
Auditor/Examinor Schmitt Wolfgang DE Schmitt & Partner (Trainer, Auditor, Examiner)