The EU Trainer certification scheme has been developed in the framework of an EU ERASMUS+ funded project called Certi4Train.

After application early 2014, the project lasted 2 years, from September 2014 to August 2016.

The project consortium gathered partners from Luxembourg, France, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Portugal, under the coordination of LIST, public research center in Luxemburg.

Beyond delivering their outcome, the challenge of such projects is to ensure the sustainability of the results, in particular by handing over these results to an entity deemed and committed to exploit them.

EFCoCert, as a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development, exploitation and maintenance of competence certification schemes, had been part of the outcome of another former EU funded project: Certitude (certification of Tutor competences). 

All partners agreed already at application stage that EFCoCert would be the best entity to carry on the scheme exploitation, after the end of the project and disbanding of the consortium.

EFCoCert was in addition directly involved in the project, as EFCoCert standardization guidelines (derived from ISO Directives) have been applied for the scheme development.